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Case Study September 2017

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North Omaha Legacy Tour featured in Nebraska Public Media’s “Nebraska Stories.”

Apr 20, 2023

North Omaha Legacy Tour featured in Nebraska Public Media’s “Nebraska Stories.” “Nebraska Stories” featured “North Omaha Legacies.” Watch the segment and tour North Omaha with Preston Love, Jr., to see how the community celebrates the past and embraces the future. […]

Op-ed: Déjà vu all over again, Omaha World-Herald

Apr 20, 2023

In the period prior to the Civil War, which began in 1861, there was slavery, Black people were denied of Civil Rights, human rights, voting tights, dignities … all with supporting legalities. The southern sector of our country were willing […]

Op-Ed: Jimmy Carter: A Black Perspective (Omaha World-Herald March 3, 2023)

Mar 6, 2023

Preston Love Jr. featured in Omaha World-Herald Op-ed section concerning his perspectives on President Jimmy Carter

OWH Op-Ed: Black History Month: A Time to Reflect and Learn

Feb 7, 2023

At this juncture in life, I pause to give the history of Black History Month. In 1926, scholar Carter G. Woodson, along with others, developed and implemented the idea that Black history should be celebrated. And he is given the […]


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