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Preston Love, Jr. Part 1
Black Lives, Black Poverty and Black Votes Matter

Protests to bring attention to all these critical Black matters should be non-stop. The efforts to address and eradicate these injustices should be our community’s full time effort. My focus in this and future articles is directed toward our votes (or lack thereof). It is my contention that our poverty is the dominant factor that has created the horror of the other two “matters,” lives and poverty. In my recent book Economic Cataracts (2015), I develop the relationships between our poverty and our dismal voting, and suggest the immediate and long term need for Economic Inclusion. Our community needs wealth. Stated simply, poor people have trouble caring or participating in a system that is failing them. Poor people are trying to survive or surviving in a small but separate crime-filled culture within. Voting is not on the list of their to do’s. I don’t agree with this logic. In fact, I believe we are making things worse by buying into this “I could care less” scenario.


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