Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Offerings

What Does the Institute Offer?

The Institute for Urban Development offers quick look reviews, comprehensive reviews, and workshops, seminars and lectures in diversity, inclusion, and racial equity engagement.

preston love jr diversity inclusion training

Consulting Services


Data Collection

  • Active Sensemaking Story Collection
  • Full Qualitative And Quantitative Assessment


  • Corporate Structure, Board Room, Diversity & Inclusion Values, Processes, And Measures
  • Talent Development, Training Development (Inclusive Case Studies, Curriculum)
  • Inclusive Buys In Professional Goods And Services, & More


  • Select Interviews Based On Data Collection And Evaluation


  • Findings, Recommendations, And A Way Forward Strategy

Workshops, Seminars & Lectures

Audience Specific

  • Executives, management, employees, small groups, and individuals

Variety of Topics

  • Assuming a lens of anti-racism & racial equity in daily operations
  • Diversity & Inclusion organizational values, team development, unconscious bias/implicit bias, fragility, privilege

Intended to Provide Insights and Sensitivity

  • Hard hitting, memorable, and a unique to racial equity success
  • Ongoing assessment demonstrating effectiveness in diversity & inclusion program and the efficacy in speicific initiatives

Example Deliverables

Face to Face Trip Executive-Directors Summary Report 2019

2019 Executive Summary

Face to Face with BVM History Tour

2019 BVM Tour Data Detail Breakout

2019 Black Votes Matter Tour

Comprehensive Report with Data Detail Breakout

Current & Past Clients

Contact Preston Love Jr. at (402) 812-3324

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