North Omaha Legacy Tour featured in Nebraska Public Media’s “Nebraska Stories.”

North Omaha Legacy Tour featured in Nebraska Public Media’s “Nebraska Stories.”

“Nebraska Stories” featured “North Omaha Legacies.” Watch the segment and tour North Omaha with Preston Love, Jr., to see how the community celebrates the past and embraces the future.

North Omaha Legacy Tours began just last January 2022, where Preston Love developed a unique and thoughtful approach to telling North Omaha’s story. Word of mouth has created an economic juggernaut touching numerous small businesses, restaurants, retail establishments, and the arts, culture, and history organizations across North Omaha! The economic impact is significant and noteworthy, with over 2000 participants and over 125 tours provided to locals and out-of-town tourists. To date, the tour has supported over 75 unique organizational missions and has economically impacted tens of thousands of dollars, into the north Omaha economy.  The Tours demystifies North Omaha and reveals the Past, Present, and Future potential of North Omaha.

Businesses and organizations that have been positively affected by the tour include Big Mama’s Kitchen & Catering, Frontier Bags, The Omaha Star, The Revive Center, Best Burgers, Styles of Evolution, Time Out Chicken, The Great Plains Black History Museum, the Union Contemporary Arts, North End Teleservices, Terrence “Bud” Crawford’s gym, The Spark, the Black Votes Matter Institute, CULXR House, the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation, and numerous Black Churches in North Omaha.

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