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STATEMENT: Violence in the Middle East Against Israel

Statement as to the Recent, and Current, Violence in the Middle East Against Israel Preston ...
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Preston Love Jr. Inducted into Nebraska HS Hall of Fame

Congratulations Preston Love Jr on your induction into the Nebraska high school sports hall of ...
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The Big Ten Conference visits Selma and Montgomery

Preston Love, Jr. will join the Nebraska delegation and will provide expert historical context to ...
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Nebraska Stories features North Omaha Legacy Tour

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About Preston Love, Jr.

Preston Love Jr. is an expert speaker, lecturer, and writer shaping civil rights and African American history, economic policy, youth leadership development and all things voting (registration, rights, and campaigns). His passion for youth education has created award winning children’s books where he captivates the attention of children and teenagers on history and civic education. Preston is available for virtual and in-person speaking events.

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The Institute's Mission’s mission is to be a thought-leader in developing urban communities through

  • community engagement,
  • economic growth,
  • leadership growth, and
  • Black Votes Matter (Get Out the Vote) initiatives.

4Urban informs, educates, and acts to raise the quality of life for all with an emphasis in the economically disadvantaged, diverse, and multi-ethnic populations.

As a think tank, curates, commissions and publishes innovative research and studies for practical urban development initiatives.

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