North Omaha Legacy Tour

The North Omaha Legacy Tour highlights the beauty and history of North Omaha.

From North 24th ST to the 30th ST corridor, and the Malcolm X Foundation, celebrate the past and embrace the future with us on this wonderful, entertaining tour of North Omaha.

North 24th St., known as “The Street of Dreams” and affectionately named “The Deuce.“, has hosted some of the greats in American Jazz history and is still a home for the arts. Our expert host is eager to share the stories of the rich legacy of this area and the African-American community, including the stories of Malcolm Little, later known as Malcolm X.  Hear authentic local stories about why North Omaha is a beacon of the past and important for the future.

Tour Offerings

  • Legacy Tour: 24th & 30th ST Corridors
  • Legacy Tour with Meal & Stop Options
  • Custom & Group Tours

Sample Tour Itinerary

  • 11:30am Gathering
  • 12:00pm Lunch begins (OPTIONAL)
  • 12:30pm Depart for Tour
  • 1:00 pm 24th ST Corridor complete
  • 1:30 pm 30th ST Corridor complete
Shuttle for Hire

Collaborative Venues

  • Great Plains Black History Museum & Dreamland Ballroom
  • North End Teleservices LLC
  • Fair Deal Market
  • The Omaha Star
  • The Union for Contemporary Art
  • Revive! Omaha
  • Broomfield Rowhouse
  • Terence "Bud" Crawford Gym & TBC Shop
  • SPARK / Black Votes Matter Institute
  • Carnation Ballroom
  • CULXR House
  • The Highlander & Big Mama’s restaurant
  • Salem Baptist Church
  • Urban League of Nebraska
  • Malcolm X Memorial Foundation
  • Historical Black Churches

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Background works to increase the quality of life for urban communities across four pillars: community engagement, economic growth, leadership growth, and Get Out the Vote nonpartisan initiatives. With an identified need to increase cultural & historical understanding of North Omaha while increasing tourism and economic growth for North Omaha, 4Urban conducts a first-class, professional tour for the benefit of visitors, small businesses, and the Omaha Metro.


Tour Leader: Preston Love, Jr.

  • Founder/Director, Institute for Urban Development & Black Votes Matter Institute of Community Engagement
  • Adjunct Professor, Black Studies, University of Nebraska, Omaha
  • Regionally & nationally recognized author & lecturer
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