Preston Love Jr achieves 100 tour milestone!

For Immediate Release September 5, 2022
The North Omaha Legacy Tours Sets a Milestone
@prestonlovejr announced that his educational engagement experience, the North Omaha Legacy Tours, which began in January of 2022, last week obtained a significant milestone. Mr. Love, Founder, and tour guide for the tour, announced that the tour had surpassed over 100 tours. The 100 tours included over 75 Nebraska participant organizations, in just eight months. Participant organizations have been very diverse ranging from governmental organizations, universities, for profit corporations, health provider organizations– both private, public and governmental, as well as religious groups. Family and individual tours are conducted on a regular basis consisting of the 25 of the 100-tour milestone.
Love mentioned that what has exceeded his expectations, is the amount of economic impact the tours have had on North Omaha provider organizations and businesses. These provider organizations include restaurants, retail outlets, nonprofit organizations, and other agencies. He estimates that there has been a financial impact of over $50,000, of direct financial impacts from purchases from North Omaha retail organizations and eating establishments. Return visits to North Omaha after the tour have an indefinite indirect impact to North Omaha. Love promised some new enhancements; the expansion of his relationship with Arrow Stage Lines, and an upcoming partnership with Arrow, to have job fairs that will include transportation related jobs and CDL training for driver positions.
All in all, Love desires to increase capacity of the North Omaha Legacy Tour moving forward. He has five part-time employees and is inclusive of all retail establishments and nonprofits that desire involvement. With an identified need to increase cultural & historical understanding of North Omaha while increasing tourism and economic growth for North Omaha, 4Urban conducts a first-class, professional tour for the benefit of visitors, small businesses, and the Omaha Metro. The North Omaha Legacy Tour demystifies North Omaha’s reputation to greater understanding creating pathways to collaboration, informs participants of North Omaha’s rich heritage, legacy, and historical contribution, stimulates economic growth along North Omaha’s key corridors, and instills pride for North Omaha. works to increase the quality of life for urban communities across four pillars: community engagement, economic growth, leadership growth, and Get Out the Vote nonpartisan initiatives. is a registered trade name of Black Votes Matter Institute of Community Engagement.
For inquires, please contact Preston Love Jr. at or (402) 812-3324. Individual or groups interested in scheduling a tour may learn more at and contact Preston for specific dates.
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