Love named Friend of West Point

OMAHA, NE: March 22, 2021. The West Point Society of Nebraska & Western Iowa announces Professor Preston Love Jr. and Mr. Greg Cassalia as Friends of West Point. They have conducted their lives in a manner consistent with the United States Military Academy's values and ideals at West Point. Nominated to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the West Point Association of Graduates in December, Lieutenant General Joseph. E. DeFrancisco, US Army (Retired) and the Board approved and welcomed the gentlemen as Friends of West Point members in February 2021.

Love Friend of West Point

There are many privileges associated with this status, but the greatest of these is that you are one of us, your name listed in the Register of Graduates as a Friend of West Point," remarked Colonel Vince Lindenmeyer, US Army (Retired), USMA 1991.

The West Point Society of Nebraska and Western Iowa affirms the importance of these gentlemen's contributions as Advisors to our West Point Society Board of Directors. Mr. Preston Love Jr. will serve as Minority Recruitment Advisor (Friend of West Point 2021) and Mr. Greg Cassalia will serve as West Point Parents Club Liaison (Friend of West Point 2021).

Preston, OWH, 18 JULY 2021

About Preston Love Jr. 

Professor Preston Love Jr. is already the 2019 Distinguished Citizens Awardee for a lifetime of service to the nation as a civic leader and social activist, exemplifying the ideals of West Point and Duty, Honor, Country for his tireless efforts in minority youth leadership development.

Preston Love Jr.'s lifetime body of work are his credentials as a Friend of West Point. His past work as a corporate executive, national-level voting activist, exemplary civic and social activist, and his recent candidacy for US Senate demonstrates his lifelong selfless service to the nation. Preston will continue to inspire youth to serve their local community and their country. He will serve as a minority recruitment advisor for the West Point Society of Nebraska & Western Iowa.

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