Rest Easy, John Beasley, Actor Extraordinaire

As published in the Omaha World-Herald, Thursday, June 1st. 

For the 65 years that I knew him, John Beasley was steadfast, committed and focused.

John and I attended Tech Junior High and High School together and John began his career as an actor at Tech High School. He always dreamed about someday going and performing on Broadway. John was steadfast in the work that he had to do to get there. He was committed, his whole adult life, to do the things necessary to get there. He was focused on his art and the breadth of his acting.

John was going to perform on Broadway by the end of the year. May I say that none of us know the timing of the Lord. For John’s sake, it was good enough for the Lord to say that, “together we’ve laid the groundwork for you to go on Broadway. It’s done, so come on home, my thankful servant, John.”

Not many of us cannot reflect on our lives and say that we have been steadfast, committed and focused. John’s life was just that! He was a family man: husband, father, grandfather and friend to many. He was very active in his church and throughout without blemish. The Lord will judge him, but I secretly judge him and say, “Oh, my dear friend, you did your job down here.”

John and I, we lived storied lives in some respects. Myself, Roger Sayers and John Beasley shared the athletic field — and so many other ups and downs — but we took our roles as survivors from our generation very seriously. The numbers have gotten very thin. Roger Sayers will probably live to be 150 years old. My time is now on the register. I am ready for the timelessness of the Lord, but John’s untimeliness — and my emotions — have caught me completely, unprepared. Of the three of us, I had put myself on the top of picking list for death.

John, as he usually would do, stepped in front of the line and took his turn.

John, my dear friend for most of my entire life, I say thank you for every memory you provided and I solidly dedicate my remaining years to your memory and your friendship.

Job well done, John! Rest in peace.

John Beasley speaking at Preston Love Jr.'s 80th birthday party celebration

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