Black Votes Matter Donations

Black lives, Black poverty and Black Votes Matter.

Voter Participation Election Initiatives:

Significantly Increase Voter Turnout

As part of the plan to reach this goal, we plan to drop
1,000 Black Votes Matter yard signs in North Omaha.

To make this effort happen, we need your help!

The yard signs will be given out for free, but your donation today will help defer the production cost of the yard signs.

Here's how your donation will be used:
  • $25.00 = 10 yard signs
  • $50.00 = 20 yard signs
  • ​$100.00 = 40 yard signs
  • ​$250.00 = 100 yard signs

Donation Options

Tax-deductible donations will further the mission of


Black Votes Matter
Institute of Community Engagement
Preston Love, Jr., Founder

We need your help in other ways too:

voter education • voter registration • election day activity

Call to volunteer
Preston Love, Jr. Founder
North Omaha Voter Project
(402) 812-3324

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