Preston Love’s Book Bundle

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Get all five books from Preston Love Jr.

Wisdom's Foresight

From Cataracts to Pandemic Vaccines

Paperback: This book examines what is happening now in the Black communities, and gives firm solutions, with active strategies to correct our course as a country and cities.

Economic Cataracts

Economic Cataracts brings together a collection of position papers and initiatives by the author, directed toward making a difference where a difference is needed.

The Jackson Papers

Paperback: Preston Love, Jr., has two distinct perspectives on our civil rights history. He shares within this short book the interrelationship of these two perspectives and how they converge.

Your Bridge to History

Your Bridge to History takes you along with the Black Votes Matter Tour across the American South.

Tu Puente a la Historia (Spanish Edition)

Tu Puente a la Historia en Espanol.

Get all five books for $75.

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